• HR & Training Specialist

    Riccardo Antonelli


    Skills Profile:
    My main experience concerns HR sector with particular reference to training design and delivering, HR management and organization. I used to work closely with the Top Management and have excellent organizational abilities, strong result orientation and highly reliability. Fit to work under pressure and with a problem-solving approach, I like to coordinate people but also to delegate them in order to generate effective teamwork and to support its growth. Usually people tell me that I have a strong ability to integrate and develop working groups, confirmed by involved members (who develop greater passion and motivation to work) and by my senior managers (who may rely on increased resource productivity).

    Core competencies:
    HR managing and developing, staff recruiting and skills evaluation, benefit systems planning for employees and managers;
    Training activities planning, analysis of needs, learning design and delivering, results monitoring and evaluation.
    Strong expertise on web and social media tools, in particular for promoting values and qualities of people and organizations.



    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.




    GEMA - Business School

    GEMA International Division Coordinator

    Public Funding and Tenders for Education

    Trainer and Consultant 

    Jan 2013 – Present

    In charge as International Projects Manager

    Head of Training Funding Department

    Lecturer on Communication, Economy Basics

    Project Consultant.

    Eyes Italia

    HR & Training Specialist 

    Jul 2012 – Jul 2015


    Trainer and Designer for modules about Marketing, Communication, Business Presentations, Sales and all the topics concerning Soft Skills. The attendants of my recent lectures were personnel of companies like Almaviva (telemarketing), Flightcare (airport services and handling), Haupt-Pharma (pharmaceutical).


    Training Director 

    Jan 2005 – Jul 2012

    HR Coordinator: I managed the staff operations and


    was responsible for organizing, motivating and
    assessing personnel;

    Head of Education Department: I had the task of
    ensuring that business operations were efficient and
    effective. I was the School Director and managed
    all the activities concerning training and consulting
    products and related services;

    Corporate Quality Manager: I ran all the processes
    of the company and promoted the improvement of
    the corporate activities design.




    Rome Area, Italy